Continued technological advancement has revolutionized the medical industry, providing capabilities that we would have thought near impossible just years ago. More than ever, medical professionals need a system that is able to manage their day-to-day interactions with patients and work seamlessly with your existing EHR. Encore provides a virtual scribe service that is better than an in-house transcriptionist at a fraction of the price. Our systems are simple, efficient, and affordable for all physicians.


Our clients are the medical professionals who want to simplify and streamline their transcription records in tandem to their EHRs. We help free up your time to see more patients, provide better and longer patient care, and to give you more free time outside of the office with our custom-tailored solutions for managing your health records. All of our transcriptionists are well versed in medical jargon and terminology and will get to know your specific dictation style and preferences for a better experience.

Our carefully trained medical transcriptionists not only transcribe highly accurate notes, they also understand the intricacies of medical terminology involved in patient care. We can spot potential problems that medical transcription software cannot. Furthermore, we understand the diverse needs of medical practices, and we offer an extensive variety of integrated medical transcription services so that you can choose the best options for your practice.


  • We provide a dedicated team of professional medical transcriptionists to take care of each and every provider in your practice. We guarantee that you will always have a team of experts who are familiar with your needs, medical specialty, and your unique dictation style.
  • Our virtual medical transcription scribes are able to work with you at your normal talking style and speeds without compromise.
  • We don't just translate your dictations. Our digital scribes are expertly trained to understand medical terminology and jargon for a better contextual understanding of what they are translating. This training helps to alleviate inaccuracies and to better work with your EHR, keeping your patient's medical data correctly organized and entered.


  • Your physicians can dictate notes directly to our easy-to-use iPhone, iPad, Android, voice recorder, or traditional call-in telephone style services.
  • Our dictation software saves hours of charting time every day, allowing you to focus on your patients, your practice, and your time-management.
  • We also offer custom EHR integrations for dictation that goes directly to your patient charts.


  • Our medical transcriptionist experts average a 2-hour delivery time for even the most demanding transcriptions. We check and double-check for quality to assure that, once received, there are no issues for you to worry about.


  • Our virtual scribes are better than an in-house transcriptionist at a fraction of the price. They'll work with you to learn your EHR systems, your preferred dictation styles, and what your practice needs to succeed.


  • We utilize multiple tiers of quality assurance for an unrivaled accuracy, guaranteed.
  • All of our Voice Recognition software clients also have a proofreading service available within your EHR for accuracy that is ensured.


  • We train our medical transcriptionists who will be assigned to you to work with documents required by your EHR. Our custom solutions for medical transcription will integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and reduce your transcription costs.
  • Our medical transcription app integrates with your EHR software and allows you to easily view which patients are on your schedule and their past dicatation records to quickly bring you up to speed.


  • We offer an industry leading 2-hour average turnaround time for medical transcriptions, thanks to our expert virtual scribes and expedient systems.


Encore's medical transcription pricing depends entirely on what your anticipated medical transcription volume is in a given month. You won't pay for more than you're using and we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote that is based on other physicians we work with with a similar estimated volume to yours. Our free trial period is a great way to see how much transcription volume you'll actually have while getting to know the service.

We know that contracts are a pain, which is why the Encore Medical Transcription team will not require you to sign a contract that locks you into our services. We operate on a volume basis with no contracts to sign. Simply use our affordable medical transcription services as much as you need and you'll only pay for the work we perform.

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